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Info 4: Micro Structure Workshop and Bulletin

Colibri has been active in stimulating the development and industrial use of MEMS on a national level. Colibri's initiatives included a workshop and a newsletter dedicated to spreading the knowledge and at stimulating contacts.

MSW − Micro Structure Workshop

Micro Structure Workshop

The purpose of the biennial two-day workshop MSW is to be a creative catalyzer and a forum where industrial people, researchers, financiers and national organizations can meet on equal terms. MSW is intended for those working actively in the area as well as for those in both industry and academy that have a general interest in MEMS. MSW highlights the industrial use of MEMS and therefore complements scientific conferences. A key factor is its informal atmosphere which has contributed to the formation of several successful industrial projects and contacts.

MSW was initiated by Colibri's CEO Jan Söderkvist in 1994. The first three workshops were organized by Colibri, followed by three with local organizers in collaboration with Colibri. MSW grew and Colibri thereafter handed over MSW to others. VINNOVA, SSF and KK-stiftelsen/minST has given MSW their support.

A reprint from Elektronik i Norden 7/2002 that was written following MSW '02: Read reprint.

The workshop programs for the first six MSWs:

MSW '94 MSW '96 MSW '98
MSW '02 MSW '04 MSW 2006

MSB − Micro Structure Bulletin

MSB was a quarterly newsletter published by Colibri. Its purpose was to promote the industrial use of MEMS and components based thereon and to serve as an informal link between people in industry and academics actively working in this field. Recurring topics included applications, facilities, toolbox, and industrial and academic development activities. MSB targeted both newcomers and experienced readers. The paper version was printed in 2000 copies and distributed free of charge within the Nordic region and primarily electronically to far-away readers.

A complication was that MSB was run on a non-profit basis and relied on a single person that had limited available time. The search for a better long-term solution that could guarantee an unbiased high-quality development of Colibri's national MEMS stimulating activities failed and it was decided in 1999 to discontinue MSB.

Below you can download MSB's existing 25 issues (click on the images).

MSB volume 7 (1999)

MSB 99:1
MSB 99:1
Etching (µEquip3)
Automotive applications
Pressure sensors
Radiation sensors
MSB 99:2
MSB 99:2
Production: From lab to fab
Packaging issues
Protective coatings
MSB 99:3
MSB 99:3
Transducers '99
Simulation, X-ray
Stacking, Antireflection
Self-testable pressure sensor
MSB 99:4
MSB 99:4-00:2
Nordic country reports
Past and future
General MST

MSB volume 6 (1998)

MSB 98:1
MSB 98:1
MST in Finland and USA
Silicon wafers
CO2 and pressure sensors
MST@VTT Electronics
MSB 98:2
MSB 98:2
MOEMS (µBas11)
Optics-based sensors
MSW '98 and MEMS '98
MST@VTI Hamlin
MSB 98:3
MSB 98:3
Medical applications (µApp2)
Cleanroom (µEquip1)
Polyimide joints
MST for hearing and space
MSB 98:4
MSB 98:4
Metal (µEquip2)
Market analysis
Packaging challenges
Radiation detectors

MSB volume 5 (1997)

MSB 97:1
MSB 97:1
CD-based MST-replication
Passive alignment
IR gas sensing
MSB 97:2
MSB 97:2
Is size important? (µBas9)
Gas flow in micro-channels
The Ångström Laboratory
MST@Lund Univ.
MSB 97:3
MSB 97:3
Transducers '97
Angular rate sensor
Coulter particle counter
Word Micromachine Summit
MSB 97:4
MSB 97:4
Surface µ-mech (µBas10)
Densitometer in MecMOS

MSB volume 4 (1996)

MSB 96:1
MSB 96:1
Excitation methods (µBas7)
Photoacoustic gas sensor
MSB 96:2
MSB 96:2
Quartz (µBas8)
Gyroscope and biosensors
MSW '96
MST@Quartz Pro
MSB 96:3
MSB 96:3
MST in Denmark
III-V compounds
Diffractive optics
MSB 96:4
MSB 96:4
Mechanical characterization
Deep anisotropic etching

MSB volume 3 (1995)

MSB 95:1
MSB 95:1
Bonding (µBas6)
3-axis accelerometer
Interference sensors
MST@Chalmers and NEXUS
MSB 95:2
MSB 95:2
Electrophoresis (µApp1)
Catalytic gas sensors
Density sensor
MST@Linköping Univ.
MSB 95:3
MSB 95:3
Transducers '95
Accelerometer workshop
Polymeric folding structures
MSB 95:4
MSB 95:4
MST goes human
Sensors for patient diagnosis
Actuator for therapy
A physician's perspective

MSB volume 2 (1994)

MSB 94:1
MSB 94:1
Crystal structure of Si (µBas1)
Silicon wet etching (µBas2)
Monolithic accelerometer
MSB 94:2
MSB 94:2
Detection methods (µBas3)
Gas flow sensor
MSW '94
MSB 94:3
MSB 94:3
Optics in MST (µBas4)
MST for telecom
Swedish MST history
MSB 94:4
MSB 94:4
Simulations (µBas5)
MST in Norway
MST@SensoNor and SINTEF

MSB volume 1 (1993)

MSB 93:1
MSB 93:1
Introduction to MST
Blood pressure sensor
MST@Uppsala Univ.