Company info

Company info

Colibri is a small consulting firm that works with (not for) our clients in developing their ideas and in assisting them when emergencies occur in their production and development activities.

Colibri possesses a broad competence and experience, both practical and theoretical, in diverse areas such as mechanical, electrical, fluidic and thermal technologies. This broad foundation is used to assist our clients with multi-disciplinary feasibility studies, failure analysis, and technical and scientific support, in areas where non-standard solutions and detective work often are needed. A specialty is to rapidly enter new technical areas and obtain useful results within a limited time-frame.

Colibri focuses equally on two fields of business:

  • Consulting:
    As an expert, deliver advanced solutions to our clients' outsourced work packages
  • Mentorship and support:
    An advisory and guiding role focused on bringing in competence, experience and understanding to our clients

Colibri is chaired by Assoc. Prof. Jan Söderkvist, PhD.