Company info

Colibri's History

Our company was founded in 1985. Initially, as a ‘Handelsbolag’ with the name HB ENTEMA (ENgineering TEchnology MAthematics). Our business idea of being an expert and mentor was well received.

It was decided in 1987 to incorporate our company and to change its name to Colibri AB. The name was lengthened in 1992 to Colibri Pro Development AB to more clearly stress our involvement in development efforts. In 2022 the circle was closed when the company returned to being a ‘Handelsbolag’, now with the name Colibri Pro Development HB.

Colibri means hummingbird. This bird has many fascinating characteristics that describe our company well. In addition, some of our projects relate to small systems and to vibrating components. Co-libri can also be interpreted as an acronym for “independent consultant” since ‘libri’ resembles the Latin word for free. We take pride in being able to act without ties to companies and organizations that could prevent us to work in an optimal and unbiased way and under strict confidentiality agreements.

Our initial projects were in the fields of space applications and sensors for military applications. Our projects soon diversified and today's projects often rely more on our general competence base and capability to penetrate problems where non-standard solutions and detective work are required than on experience in specific competence areas. A parallel field of strength is the system level, both regarding technological aspects and strategies, and on evaluating business and organizational strategies.