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Post-analysis of projects

Resources spent on trying to stay ahead of failures often turn out to be well spent.

Both experience and Murphy's Law teach that last minute emergency actions are needed no matter how well a project is handled. Important is to rapidly and forcefully identify the reasons for failures and to identify workarounds, and also to run preventive actions. Such preventive actions complement emergency actions and failure analyses and can include:

  • Create a competence base that increases the understanding of how systems function
  • Identify solutions to potential failures
  • Monitor and learn from the system's actual behavior
  • Perform FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analyses) that identify possible failures before they occur

Colibri can assist you in failure analyses and preventive actions by using our general competence base to penetrate problems where non-standard solutions and detective work are needed. Here, our strength in multi-disciplinary technical troubleshooting comes to its fullest advantage.


Examples of post-projects Colibri has been involved in:

  • Electric breakdown
  • FEA software code validation
  • Machines for CD production
  • Optical sight
  • Speedometer accuracy