Consulting Services

Project phase

Today's rapidly evolving high-tech world sets new requirements on development strategies.

Development cycles are short, safety margins to failure are small, and projects often span over many rapidly evolving competence areas. Success requires an international team effort in a way never seen before. To reach sufficient development momentum in all areas of importance it is often advantageous to involve external participation.

Colibri can be one of many pieces that gives your development team overcritical mass. As a member of your team, we can contribute:

  • As the generalist and a technical controller
  • By performing development tasks
  • With brainstorming, troubleshooting, and mentorship
  • With design support, technical analysis, and by creating a technical understanding

Here, Colibri's experience in linking a system level understanding with experiments, reality, theory and strategy comes to its fullest advantage.


Examples of development projects Colibri has been involved in:

  • EU projects
  • Inkjet printers
  • Sensor development
  • Space applications
  • Underground mining vehicles