Consulting Services

Pre-analysis of projects

A key word of wisdom is that the pre-project phase can influence 95% of the total project cost even though it itself consumes only 5% of the budget.

Therefore, it is essential and worthwhile to analyze a project in detail before starting. Possibilities and drawbacks must be identified early if cost and performance are to be truly optimized. Experience tells that chosen routs seldom are changed to any significant degree after the pre-project phase. Time and efforts spent on the pre-project planning could be re-gained many times over later on in the project.

Pre-project activities can include, for example, feasibility studies addressing:

  • A toolbox with know-how
  • Concept alternatives and recommendations
  • Possibilities, limitations and backup alternatives
  • Prior art and competitors
  • Time-schedules, resources and manufacturing options

Colibri can assist you with such feasibility studies. Here, a key feature is Colibri's specialty to rapidly enter new technical areas and obtain useful results within a limited time-frame. The topics could either be addressed together with you, or the results could be delivered in the form of reports.


Examples of pre-projects Colibri has been involved in:

  • Inertial and medical sensors
  • Mailboxes
  • Neural networks for ECG
  • Sealing technology
  • Submarine search