Mentorship and support

Multiphysics Simulations and Brainstorming

Imagination needs inspiration and visualization. An important and powerful tool when solving problems and creating understanding is computerized simulations. Resources spent on simulations often turn out to be well spent.

Simulations complement the conventional experimental trial-and-error approach. It extrapolates measured scalar quantities into a fully three-dimensional insight into a system's actual behavior. This creates countless possibilities to quickly study hypotheses, performance, failure modes, sensitivity to variations in production, etc., in a more flexible way than possible if relying only on experiments. In fact, simulations can be treated as a complementing experimental equipment.


To correctly use simulations to their fullest potential is complex and takes time to master. The large amount of generated information, which is based on input data and assumptions, needs to be interpreted and calibrated with reality. Colibri believes that the often neglected pre-analysis (explore the problem, the modeling strategy and the input) and post-analysis (explore the results and their consequences) phases are key factors for future success. The pre-analysis phase triggers important questions that in themselves often create insight and solutions. The post-analysis phase often leads to a broader and more general back-bone understanding for how the system works.

Among the more general and powerful simulation procedures is the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with which static, transient, modal and harmonic problems can be studied non-linearly. The full interaction between physical domains such as structural, thermal, electric, magnetic, fluidic, and acoustic can be addressed. Macros and subprograms broaden the horizon even further. Colibri has received the Conference Best Paper Award at the biennial Ansys conference in the USA.

Colibri's use of simulations is focused at solving problems and at creating understanding. We use FEA if needed, but not more extensively than motivated based on the pre-analysis phase. This gives a freedom to use the best available approach and tools for each task, and to approach problems in unconventional ways if needed. We target at presenting the results in the form of an understanding described in words and not just via colorful viewgraphs.

Colibri can assist you with our extensive experience in multiphysics simulations. As your mentor we can:

Multiphysics simulations
  • Be a discussion partner for your analysis work
  • Evaluate hypothesis by performing probing simulations
  • Perform your more complicated simulations
  • Create user-friendly models that can be handed over to you
  • Analyze the results and their connection to reality, measurements and understanding, on a sub-component and system level
  • Evaluate your approach, assumptions, experimental strategy, choice of tools, etc