Mentorship and support


Size can be essential for industrial success. The small-sized components enabled by the MEMS technology open many attractive possibilities.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) include small microstructures (sub-┬Ám to mm) that often are fabricated using micromachining technology and materials that originate from the semiconductor industry and from precision machining. This new technology is of high interest if you wish to miniaturize, monitor performance (sensors), increase intelligence, improve reliability, reproducibility and robustness, reduce resource consumption and system-costs, add new features, or just acquire a new strategic competence area. MEMS is used in areas such as IT (heads for inkjets and hard disk drives, etc.), medicine and biochemistry (hearing aids, pacemakers, in vitro diagnostics, drug delivery, etc.) and automotive (sensors for pressure, acceleration, rotation, gas composition, etc.).

Colibri has extensive experience of MEMS from participating in many industrial and academic projects enabled by micro-parts. Colibri has also had patents in this area. Our involvement has ranged from designing components and performing failure analyses, to supporting companies and initiating activities aimed at stimulating the industrial growth of Nordic MEMS, including workshops, newsletters, courses, studies for governmental organizations, etc. (MSW, MSB, MSK, ...). Our MEMS-related experience is open for sharing.

Size is important

Colibri can assist you by:

  • Designing MEMS components and systems
  • Participating in your MEMS activities
  • Performing failure analyses
  • Performing system level evaluation in a MEMS perspective
  • Supporting and introducing MEMS