Mentorship and support

System Level Understanding

Imagination, experience and available tools set the boundaries for optimal, low-risk solutions. Join forces to speed up the momentum and to bring in new inputs. This can give you a decisive competitive edge in today's world of challenging targets and tough schedules.

You have the hands-on experience and the product know-how. Nevertheless, emergency actions and additional know-how might be need. The trend is that it becomes increasingly important to understand in detail how the systems and components behave.

A traditional approach would be to outsource well-defined know-how generating work-packages. Better is to combine this with a mentorship plan that ensures that your company's competence and hands-on experience prosper instead of leave your company.

Colibri can assist you with our multi-disciplinary competence base and experience in addressing problems where non-standard solutions and detective work are needed. As your mentor we can:

Support via collaboration
  • Assist and guide you in solving your acute problems while bearing the long-term goals in mind
  • Create a detailed understanding for the functioning of systems and components
  • Base the work on your important hands-on experience
  • Bring in new ideas, methodologies, and know-how
  • Leverage your work in a time and resource efficient way
  • Create a freedom of action by catalyzing activities at your location

This allows you to quickly address the tougher tasks while ensuring that competence remains within your company. You become better prepared to act strongly in the future.